Wedding Planner Samui


One of the most exotic destinations in Thailand – Samui, is popular for its boutique styled celebrations.

Think milestone celebrations, being spoilt for choice in this Island with beautiful villas, boutique hotels and international brands such as W, Four Seasons, Le Meridien and Intercontinental.

With outstanding locations to compliment pre-wedding shoots, to stunning beaches as the perfect natural backdrops for destination weddings – Samui has it all.

Best Time to be there…..

We consider every aspect and like to provide some information on weather conditions, so that you can plan your wedding accordingly:

The dry season stretches from December to February. Enjoy refreshing wind, a lot of sunshine and calm waters during this season.

The hot season is from March to August. Extremely hot season – but amongst the popular ones for those who can bear the heat! Dry and hot, but chances of heavy but not long lasting rainfall and thunderstorms are always there.

The rainy season stretches from September till November with low tourist turn out.

Getting there…

Domestic flight from Bangkok to Phuket

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Not all Thailand is like Bangkok or Pattaya. Koh Samui, often shortened to Samui, is a very different place. An island off the east coast of Thailand, it offers a perfect location for a more boutique-style celebration, and it’s easy to reach by air from Phuket or Bangkok.

As a wedding planner Koh Samui, Keeran can help you sort through all the options. There is an impressive selection of luxury villas, boutique hotels, and international hotels to choose from. There is something to suit every style of wedding at Koh Samui. 

Of course, Koh Samui has wonderful beaches. A beach wedding at Koh Samui, organized by a luxury event planner Koh Samui, would be magical. We have extensive experience in this and can provide just the right location to suit your needs. 

The weather at Koh Samui varies from quite hot in March to August, through a rainy season from September to November, to the dry season with a refreshing wind, from December to February.