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Here’s everything you would love to know about Pattaya.

Pattaya can be described as an easy accessible beachside town. This beach city is famous for its energetic merry-making mood. Within few kilometers away from Bangkok, Pattaya is the nearest primary beach resort to Thailand, an abode to enormous number of speedboats, diving boats, parasails and jet skis, floating restaurants; the Pattaya Beach Road which is a streak of palm trees is also the liveliest place to be around. And that’s why from morning to evening Pattaya beaches are  thronging with people and post sundown the happening life moves to the streets where partying carries on till late.

There are many International chains of 5 star hotels in Pattaya such as Intercontinental, Dusit Thani, Pullman, Centara Grand, Royal Cliff resort, Amari etc. As one of the best Pattaya Wedding organizers, we will help you choose the right resort which fits your needs and requirements.

 Have a ball on your ‘D’ day at any of the enchanting beach resorts and make your destination wedding in Pattaya a dream come true.

Best Time to be there…..

The summer season stretches from March to May and is the hottest period of the year. The temperatures range from 33 Celsiusdegrees high and 25-27 degree Celsius making this season intensely humid and hot.

The cool season is the peak time of Pattaya tourist diary which is spread over from November to February experiencing the ideal climate blend with less rain and temperature which is not too hot.

The rainy season stretches from June to October with low tourist turn out.

Getting there…

The SuvarnabhumiInternational Airport Bangkok is around 120 kms away from Pattaya, making it just about one and a half hours drive.

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Pattaya is one of the better-known destinations in Thailand. It mixes the beauty of Thailand’s beaches with the excitement of a party town. A beach wedding Pattaya would be a way to mix those two together. Enjoy the fantastic beaches and the energy of the town. 

As a major tourist town, Pattaya has a huge choice of international hotels and resorts. Keeran is an experienced luxury event planner Pattaya and can help you find the right venue for whatever type of event you want. The choices are extensive, but we have extensive experience as a design wedding planner Pattaya, so you can have the day designed for your wants and needs. 

As a wedding planner Pattaya, Keeran can organize your event at any time. The summer season, from March to May, is the hottest and most humid time. The coolest season, when most tourists arrive, is from November to February. Between those, from June to October, is the rainy season, with the least tourists.