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With an increase in destination weddings, Thailand is amongst one of the most popular locations to visit. Thailand offers some of the best locations for weddings since there is such a variety in the different types of landscapes to choose from. Rocky mountains, clear blue oceans, lush greenery, and joyful noises of the city are just some examples of the different possibilities that can occur in destination weddings in Thailand. Not only are the locations incredible but the people of Thailand themselves are one of the friendliest you will ever meet. This positive energy will encourage and excite you to create the wedding that you deserve. From the sweet smiles of the locals to the exotic locales, Thailand is renowned as a haven for all.

Weddings by Keeran is a culmination of both Thai culture and Indian finesse, making it the ideal choice for Indian weddings in Thailand. Our office is set up in the middle of Bangkok, making it easy and accessible for all clients and opening up a variety of options for you to look at. As a result of years of experience, we are proud to offer top of the line services, including hotel venues, vendors, staff and décor teams in order to give you the best events possible. Our venues stretch out from one corner of Thailand to the other including places like Chiang Mai, Phuket, Huahin, Krabi and others. Our vendors are all about the fusion of traditional Thai aspects integrated with modern Indian vibes.

We strive to provide unique concepts and themes in order to match your needs and always have a flexible mindset when it comes to planning your dream destination and day. Our team and staff work hard to make sure that the time you spend planning your wedding will be the most enjoyable and fun possible. Our devotion to making this day special is what drives us to create the perfect wedding for you. So together, lets create a wedding that will speak volumes for ages to come.


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