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Nature & Lanna Temples Nestled into the foothills of northern Thailand is a sanctuary, making it an absolutely beautiful backdrop wedding in Chiang Mai.

The Lanna kings who ruled the north from ancient Chiang Mai, built a moated quarter filled with a multitude of temples. These houses of worship are adorned with mirrored mosaics, tinkling bells and gabled rooftops soaring skyward as if in communication with the heavens. Wandering around these sacred spaces you’ll find art, architecture and enlightenment. We assure you, it’s a location you will fall in love with.

Being a destination for couples, one is spoilt for variety in hotels ranging from a Lanna-inspired Dhara Devi to Royal Flora Gardens to Shangri la, a huge property of 600 rooms. Having done numerous weddings, we also have insight on several boutique hotels tucked into nooks and corners with picturesque spaces for a quaint cozy wedding.

Best Time to be there…..

We advise the ideal time to host your wedding between October and March, when the weather is mostly cool and pleasant with light breeze.

The hotseasonfrom March to May, have extremely high temperatures.

The cool season from November to February,though it doesn’t get too cold, it’s ideal sweater weather. January is usually considered the best and most popular month in Chiang Mai.

The monsoonis from June to October with high humidity levels. More of a peaceful and low season in Chiang Mai.

Getting there…

Chiang Mai has an international airport making it a very accessible destination for all

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Chiang Mai is an idyllic location in northern Thailand. It is a place of man-made wonder, in the form of the Lanna temples. With over 300 temples, the area is a spiritual site beyond compare. 

In Chiang Mai there are resorts and hotels for everyone. From the biggest resort chains to the quaintest boutique hotels, the choice is endless. A good luxury event planner Chiang Mai, such as Keeran, is necessary to help you choose just what location will make your special day fantastic. With extensive experience as a design wedding planner Chiang Mai, we can help sort through all the options for what you want.

Keeran is a wedding planner Chiang Mai with the connections and partners to make the most of the local environment.

The hottest weather is from March to May, and it’s quite hot. From June to October, the monsoon brings rain and humidity, but it also means fewer tourists. The cool season in Chiang Mai is from November to February.