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Bangkok, the city of lights boasts of many properties for that “I do” moment. From international hotel brands, riverside resorts, Scenic Rooftop Venues to Summer palace properties for hire, Bangkok has it all. Having a wedding here is much more cost efficient in comparison to other locations in Thailand due to no logistics costing involved.

Getting there: Suvarnabhumi International Airport

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Bangkok is a unique city. A Bangkok wedding is a unique wedding. The city has something for everyone. It has exciting nightlife, but also spiritual oases, with temples and parks. There is something here for all tastes.

Keeran is the best Bangkok wedding planner. With fourteen years of experience in Thailand, we know how to get you what you want. The city hosts a huge number of options for wedding venues. There are international hotels, riverside resorts, rooftop locations, and even Summer Palace venues available. With our experience as a Bangkok wedding event planner, we can organize a seamless event, using our local knowledge and partners to make your day special. 

For a wedding in Thailand, Bangkok offers the best value for money, without the logistical costs involved in some of the other destinations. With Keeran as your Bangkok wedding planner, you can rest assured that you will get the best that the city has to offer at your budget. With our contacts and partners, we can arrange an ideal event.

Bangkok is a bustling city, but with us as your Bangkok wedding organizer, your big day will go off smoothly, with all the flair and passion that makes Keeran the best Bangkok wedding planner.